Cultural adventures in Florence

Florence is a highlight of Tuscany and a hub of Renaissance culture in Italy. Though small, the city is packed with attractions and experiences for travelers.

With its charming atmosphere, Florence and the surrounding Tuscan region are great destinations for those who enjoy good food and wine, art and culture, and nature. 

Located in the charming Santa Maria Novella neighborhood, Hotel Indigo allows us to embrace the city's artistic heritage as we explore its rich history.

The Omega 365 Advantage program offers a unique opportunity for professional development, knowledge sharing, and strengthening the unity among team members. Find an overview of the program below. 


Departure: We will meet and depart for the destination. Participants will receive more detailed information about the program for the weekend.  


Information from Omega 365: Throughout the day, there will be a professional gathering where participants can get an overview of industry insights with presentations on the latest news and developments at Omega 365. 


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Group dinnerWe gather for dinner that allows for relaxation and socializing. 



Return home: We meet up and prepare for our return home.