Advantage for training and development

Omega 365’s unique Advantage program is your gateway to international Team Events, local get-togethers, and a wide range of Holiday Houses. Now, you can also choose to use your Advantage points on training and development.

The ability for each team member to adapt the Advantage program to reflect their goals, within a range of choices that reflect Omega 365’s values, is key to the welfare program’s popularity.

Advantage points are not only for booking teambuilding trips and holiday accommodation; it is also possible to use your Advantage Account to advance your professional development via relevant training courses, which you can pay for using Advantage points.

Course approval and reimbursement

If you have a training course you would like to use your Advantage points on, send an with details of the course in question. Our Advantage team will contact you to approve the course and outline the best plan for payment and reimbursement.

In general, employees initially pay for their approved course themselves, before completing an Expense form on the cost can then be refunded and, instead, deducted in Advantage points. The training course in question may require approval from the employee’s Omega 365 manager. It is also necessary to have enough Advantage points in your account to pay for the course in its entirety. It may also be possible to use Advantage points to pay for software and other materials related to your training course.