Arctic Teambuilding to Alta

We are organizing an exciting trip to Alta, with Sorrisniva as our chosen destination.

This location offers a complete Arctic experience with unique accommodation options, delightful dining, and engaging nature activities. We will spend one night at the Ice Igloo Hotel and one night at the Arctic Wilderness Lodge.

Both Maku and Lavvu Restaurants feature menus with local foods, including salmon, cod, reindeer, elk, wild berries, and a selection of smoked or cured local meats.

Exciting activities such as husky rides, snowshoe hikes, northern lights viewing, midnight sun observation, snowmobile safaris, and riverboat excursions are available to choose from. More information will be sent after registration.

The Omega 365 Advantage program offers a unique opportunity for professional development, knowledge sharing, and strengthening the unity among team members. Find an overview of the program below. 


Departure: Participants have connecting flight to Oslo where we will meet and depart for the destination. Participants will receive more detailed information about the program for the weekend.
Flight from Oslo:
15. March  SAS    Oslo-Alta             1135-1340           SK4546

Arrives at Sorrisniva: Check-in and guided tour of the Ice Igloo Hotel with an ice drink in the ice bar.
We will have 1 night at the Ice Igloo Hotel and 1 night in the Arctic Wilderness Lodge.

Information from Omega 365: During the guided tour, there will be a professional gathering where participants can get an overview of industry insights with presentations on the latest news and developments at Omega 365. 

Group dinner: We gather for dinner and will have ample opportunity to get to know our colleagues better, share ideas, and strengthen cooperation between companies and team members. 


Group activityWe spend the day on exciting group activities that foster learning and networking between participants

1. Snowmobile experience - Arctic Light (2 persons per snowmobile, duration 3 hours, including hot refreshments and a cinnamon roll)

2. Reindeer and Sami experience (duration 1.5 hours, including hot refreshments and snacks)

Lunch (during the day according to the activities)

Group dinnerWe gather for dinner that allows for relaxation and socializing. 


Time to relax or explore Sorrisniva on your own and return home: We meet up and prepare for our return to Oslo. Participants have connecting flight from Oslo.

Flight from Alta:
17. March  SAS    Alta-Oslo             1430-1635           SK4545