Senior Engineer Automation

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Duration: ASAP - 31.07.2026
Location: Stavanger

Assignment Description

  • Automation Package Responsible Engineer
  • Planning, Estimation, Change Management
  • Work with Company work processes and databases handlers.
  • Work with Equinor systems(STID-Loop/Tag/Doc, PIMS, Procosys, SAP-PM06/10, ECP, access@plant etc)
  • Development of design and safety critical documentations typically for SCDs, Cause and Effects, context and hiding diagrams, functional specifications, IO-lists etc
  • Development of SCD for SLA which by default only have some legacy SCDs
  • Client and supplier communication( mastering Norwegian language are highly appreciated )


  • Master/Bachelor Degree or equivalent education
  • Preforming as Package Responsible Engineer and proven commercial and strategic skills to ensure cost and plan from SAS suppliers
  • Equinor installations
  • Equinor technical requirements, guidelines, and Aris work processes
  • Common variants of communication protocols and communication layers for typically OPC, Modbus(RTU and TCP), profibus etc.
  • Architecture and features in Safety Instrumented System from major suppliers.
  • Have good communication skills in English and Norwegian both orally and in writing.
  • Have a cooperative working attitude.
  • Be systematic and accurate.
  • Have a high loyalty to deadline and quality requirements
  • EX - Grunnleggende EX kurs - 22,5 timer i klasserom FSE - Inkl førstehjelp
  • It is a benefit if candidate have Offshore Certificate

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