Senior Maintenance Engineer

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Duration: 01.08.2024 - 31.12.2027
Location: Stavanger 

Assignment Description

Responsible for operations follow up and input to the PWP / Fenris project delivery with special focus on Reliability and Maintenance.
The position will be part of the PWP / Fenris pre-operations organization. The position shall represent operations and ensure compliance with central Aker BP requirements towards the maintenance engineering vendor company and the alliance partners.

  • Deliver operations input to design phase to ensure minimal maintenance interventions and increased efficiency in operations phase.
  • Utilize digital and technical solutions to optimize R&M deliverables in support of the PWP/F operating strategy.
  • Follow up and ensure quality assurance of deliverables from maintenance engineering vendor including technical hierarchy, equipment consequence classification, RCM, RAM and FMECA analysis, spare parts & PM programs.
  • Pursue remote R&M operation functionality (e.g. operation and maintenance, testing, calibration, monitoring) through use of digital twin, automated solutions, and technology.
  • Contribute to correct identification and maintenance of barrier-functions, -systems and -elements in an asset life cycle perspective.
  • Ensure close collaboration with Valhall onshore operation team and discipline engineers in pre-ops team to identify optimal maintenance strategies for various equipment groups.
  • Enable high production efficiency by using predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and digital solutions for early indication of equipment failure.
  • Follow up Capital and Operational spares (SPIR) project deliverables.
  • Working closely with maintenance engineering vendor company representatives and ensure implementation of requirements of Design Basis, M&I Functional Requirements, Operations strategy and Codes and Standards.
  • Collaborate with central M&I function and relevant Technical Authorities (TA) in achieving standardization through Maintenance and Test Concepts (MTC).
  • Work together with Ops prep team in other Aker BP field development projects and alliances, seeking improvement and alignment.
  • Be involved in technology evaluation, qualification, and implementation.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher within a relevant field
  • Minimum 8-10 years relevant professional experience
  • Competence within maintenance management methods and processes, preferably both theoretical and practical
  • Experience working with offshore installations.
  • Experience working in multidiscipline teams and handling complex interfaces.
  • Knowledge of oil & gas project management approaches, tools, and phases of the project lifecycle will be advantageous.
  • Excellent communication skills, verbally and written, both Norwegian and English
  • Experience with and understanding of NORSOK standards and PSA regulatory requirements related to maintenance and integrity.
  • Customer-oriented, strong team player, seeking collaboration with focus on what is best for Aker BP
  • Ability to “get things done” in close collaboration with stakeholders across functions, business units and alliance partners.
  • Structured, analytical, and self-motivated.

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