Agile coach at scale

Duration: 31.05.2024-30.05.2025
Location: Stavanger
Option: 2 x 6 months


The project is owned by EPI SUB EXD TWP. The goal with the project is to contribute to the One Subsurface Digital Strategy and Vision of the Cloud Native NCS by 2027. The project is focusing on testing and implementing cloud native technologies and creating a cloud native data foundation in the OSDTTM Data Platform. The project is depending on collaboration with and contribution from several teams across Equinor and external partners to succeed. The project is dealing with new technology and high uncertainty and therefore Agile at Scale as been chosen as the project methodology.

  • Facilitate and enable several independent projects in an agile manner, where all projects are contributing to a common goal where the road to the goal is uncertain.
  • Facilitate experimenting, testing, and building in an iterative manner
  • Identify dependencies between teams are constantly being identified and addressed.
  • Create the framework and structure, which should be adjusted to the various teams, the goal, and how the projects are going.


  • Excellent facilitator with a good track record of impacting organizational culture and ways of working.
  • Three or more years of experience successfully coaching an agile program or initiative empowering three or more cross functional agile teams with a shared vision, mission and portfolio.
  • Prior experience in engineering roles, working in self-managing agile teams using both Kanban and Scrum methodologies.
  • Prior experience in Software and Solution architecture, Software business and system analysis, Software design and development, Knowledge management, Software integrations.
  • Successfully implemented one or more ALM (application life cycle management) systems at scale (i.e. Azure DevOps, Jira) to gain maximum transparency for stakeholder, customers and teams with lifecycles
  • Agile coach certification for working at scale from a well-recognized authority (i.e. Scaled Professional Scrum, RTE, Scrum at Scale). Additional certifications are an advantage (e.g., product management).

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Håvard Lea Olsen



Et norsk oljeselskap / a Norwegian oil company



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