Senior Subcontracts Manager (Senior Buyer)

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Duration: ASAP - 10.04.2025, med mulighet for forlengelse
Location: Stavanger, Norway

Assignment Description

  • The primary objective of this role is to perform Contract Management and Administration for the Project Manager on floating offshore wind Projects and Studies to ensure supplier’s execution in compliance with contractual obligations and internal company requirements. This includes adherence to working standards according to HSE targets and policies, delivering work to the required quality, and achieving financial outcome in line with budgeted financial projections at completion.
  • It is further expected that this position will develop a positive relationship with key suppliers, working closely to secure project performance and maintaining close communication. This position shall also actively seek opportunities to enhance safety practices, improve execution methods, reduce risk and maximize results. The Senior Subcontracts Manager (Senior Buyer) shall propose, and where feasible, take an active part in implementing measures and initiatives aimed at improving the company’s performance and reinforcing its market position. 
  • Manage and control all work related to establishing a sub-contracting and procurement strategy on relevant projects herein subcontract and procurement of fabrication of steel components, procurement of key equipment components, marshalling and assembly equipment and services, loadout and transportation services.
  • Actively participate in developing an effective and robust logistic chain for transportation of fabricated elements to the final assembly yard.
  • Manage the planning of and the entire RFQ process towards subcontracts including negotiations up to award of contract.
  • Manage contracts on behalf of the company to ensure project success and company business objectives are met.
  • Ensure project execution is organized and handled according to client and company HSEQ standards, specifications, and ethical norms. 
  • Proactively identify and mitigate risks, identify opportunities for improvements and secure deliveries on agreed time and budget.
  • Interface and communicate well with key suppliers to support project targets, also reinforcing company market position.
  • Identify and develop opportunities for further business development with Client.
  • Review proposed contracts to ensure an equitable risk allocation and identify potential contractual risks before committing to contracts.
  • Draft contract proposals for subcontractors and suppliers. 
  • Ensure a rigorous change management process on all contracts.
  • Advise Project Manager on contractual issues related to the project. 
  • Provide assistance to VP Contracts & Supply Chain as required.
  • Develop and maintain a good relationship with all stakeholders including clients, company, partners, subcontractors and others.


  • Serve as the Company representative towards key subcontractors and suppliers in line with Authorization matrix.
  • Represent the project in internal and external matters as agreed with Project Manager and in line with Authorisation matrix. 
  • Execute the subcontracting strategy and manage the organization according to Company policies.
  • Relevant technical and/or economic university degree 
  • Long and relevant experience can compensate for lack of formal education.
  • Min. 5 years from relevant project work from the oil and gas or renewable business. 
  • Experience in managing contractors and suppliers.
  • Knowledge of both Norwegian and international contracts.
  • Proficiency in contractual terms, preferrably related to large fabrication and assembly contracts.
  • Experience in contract drafting and RFQ/ITT processes.
  • Commercial and contractual interest and understanding.
  • Ability to establish and develop well-functioning teams.
  • Result-driven with a systematic and analytical approach to tasks
  • Effective communication skills both verbal and written in both Norwegian and English

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