Amine Claus Operations Specialist

NSB Omega is seeking an Amine Claus Operations Specialist for our BIG Client for a rotational role in Foster Creek, AB. 

Assignment Description

The main function of this role(s) is to provide Amine Claus expertise and assurance for the project on Operations deliverable quality, commissioning and start-up plans, and the ongoing successful operation of the facility.

Assignment Description: 

•  Provide Operations representation for SAT testing.

•  Directly engage the training manual development contractor and provide current relevant experience input as required for the training manuals.

•  Represent Operations for the review group and provide final signoff for completed training manuals.

•  Develop required operations procedures to be ready for Operations training and in-hand review during start-up.

•  Develop commissioning start-up procedures and sequencing for the safe operation of the facility.

•  Provide reference as onsite training support for Operations personnel.

•  Support the Commissioning team with round sheet development, PPE requirements, lab set up and testing requirements ready for operation.

•  Identify start-up and operational challenge areas and help commissioning team prepare with required resources and support.

•  Assist the commissioning team with line out, flooding, first fills and start-up support during wet commissioning and start-up.

• Act as a panel operator reference and panel backup during startup.

•  Provide post startup operational tuning and adjustment support until the plant is online, operating efficiently and in the comfortable control of Operations.

•  Responsible for the creation of the Foster Creek Amine Claus Training Manuals, Amine Claus Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Critical Operating Procedures (COPs)

•  Training and Competency Development

•  Round Sheet Development

•  Lab Set Up / PPE Set Up

•  Commissioning Start-up Procedures and Start-up Sequencing Plans

•  Start-up Support

•  Operational Tuning and Adjustment

Qualifications Required

•  Must be legally entitled to work in Canada.

•  3rd Class Power Engineering Certificate of Competency, preference to a 2nd Class Power Engineering Certificate of Competency.

•  A minimum of 10 years of recent or current relevant operational experience with both Amine and Sulphur recovery a requirement

•  Preference will be given to current operations personnel to provide development opportunities.

•  Preference will be given to individuals with Amine Claus commissioning and start-up experience.

• Ability to work under pressure and coordinate simultaneous activities.

•  Maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity/challenges, build positive working relationships with all working groups and within team and holistic, solution-based vision.

Location/Work Environment: 

• Foster Creek, AB

•  This role will be 8 days on and 6 days off, 100 hours per week as per our construction shift schedule at 12 hours per day. (The rotation will initially be a 5 and 2 and then transition to an 8 and 6 rotation.

• This is a Temporary Special Assignment position located at a Foster Creek Facility. 

•  This position will be a shared role with a cross-shift in the 2nd year.

•  Foster Creek has full-service camp facilities.

•  Depending on your place of residence and your shift rotation, bus and/or air transportation to/from site is offered from designated departure points in select locations.

•  Foster Creek is serviced by flight Hubs in Calgary and Edmonton as well as bus transportation to site from La Corey, AB

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