Pipeline Lead – Reeled/Bundle Pipeline & Spools – R&R

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Duration: 01.05.24 - 01.05.27
Location: Stavanger, Norway

Assignment Description

  • The Pipeline Lead is responsible for the design and delivery of the project Pipeline & Spool (kits) package during all project execution stages (detailed design, engineering, fabrication, installation, commissioning and operation). 
  • The Pipeline & Spools package in Øst Frigg includes the full extent of hardware delivery scope
  • The Pipeline Lead shall ensure that:
  • Design is in compliance with basis of design and functional requirements
  • Engineering is performed in accordance with regulations, codes and standards
  • Fabrication is followed up in line with expected standards of HSE, Quality, Time and Cost.
  • Ensure Product is ready for Installation and punch items are properly followed up prior to loadout / tow out 
  • Provide discipline input to the Pre-Commissioning plan and Operational Philosophy for the specific package (operation, maintenance and inspection) and to give input to operational readiness
  • During all execute phases, the Pipeline Lead will:
  • Integrate and expedite required project package interfaces between Project delivery lines & Operations
  • Integrate and expedite the progress of MOC’s TQs and NCs towards Project / Asset for the specific package
  • Define company input to ITP, and follow up of any ITP findings 
  • Contribute to fulfil the client “see to it” duty, responsible for site follow up via fabrication representatives and inspectors, based on criticality assessments
  • Communicate leading performance in terms of Safety, Quality, Schedule in liaison with fabrication reps., Quality manager and HSE manager
  • The Pipeline Lead works in close cooperation with SSA Package Delivery Leads to:
  • Ensure the client specifications, functional requirement and experience is incorporated to design, testing and installation 
  • Facilitate required input and guidelines from the client
  • The Pipeline Lead has the mandate to:
  • Make decisions and on behalf of the client within the framework of basis of design, functional requirements and MLC. Decisions outside this framework shall be lifted to the Engineering Manager or Construction Manager
  • Decline or approve (with support of correct Manager or TA) vendor proposals of changes, MOC’s or TQs from sub vendors 
  • With the Pipeline Lead role, the project ensures that :
  • Responsible to deliver specific packages in accordance to specifications and requirements (RFOC) for full extent of scope. Specific delivery responsibility provides the client ownership through the delivery.
  • Becomes the technical expert to ensure delivery is in line with Asset Operations Team expectations
  • Provides technical expertise and support to the SSA (S7) during early stages of the delivery

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