Faculty Member (Full-Time Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Course Lecturer)

Reports to: Dean/Head of the Department 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate subject knowledge, including key concepts, current and relevant research, methodologies, tools and techniques, and meaningful applications. 
  • Select and develop instructional materials; plan and organize instruction to enhance student learning; create appropriate assignments. 
  • Provide students constructive, encouraging, and corrective feedback.
  • Evaluate student learning by creating and applying course competencies and accurately evaluating student progress.
  • Strive to increase teaching effectiveness through the application of appropriate teaching and learning strategies.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal and communication skills that result in clear communication of subject matter to the students.
  • Be accessible to students through e-mail, wireless/cellular technology, or scheduled office hours.
  • Prepare and distribute syllabi in accordance with established procedures and guidelines and follow the published final exam schedule.
  • Maintain accurate records of students’ academic standing; promptly provide final grades, attendance, and other information as required by administration.
  • Attend and participate in all required meetings and exercise stewardship for college committees.
  • Collaborate with faculty, staff, and stakeholders from across the College and the community in order to create, preserve, and enhance important partnerships.
  • Participate in instructional and College planning and assist in the recruitment and retention of students, faculty, and staff.
  • Attend and participate in professional development. 
  • Create and revise, develop and amend where appropriate, departmental or program curricula.


  • A bachelor’s degree in Tourism & Hospitality or related field
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Prior teaching experience would be an asset
  • Microsoft Office proficiency  

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