CSNE (Cyber,Security and Network Eng.)

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Duration: ASAP - 18.02.25
Location: Trondheim, Norway

Assignment Description

  • Establish project execution plans with a focus on technical design and risk assessment.
  • Develop and implement a project-CSNE strategy as part of the C-study.
  • Collaborate closely with the Company counterpart.
  • Interface with onshore PfS-Contractor for design purposes.
  • Evaluate the current project status.
  • Perform other related tasks as assigned


  • M.Sc. in Cybernetics, Telecommunication, IT, or equivalent.
  • Strong command of written and spoken English.
  • Knowledge of standards (e.g., IEC 62443, Equinor TR1658) and project guidelines (e.g., GL3020) for industrial automation and control security.
  • Familiarity with security technology requirements in critical technical networks (IACS) as per Norsok I-002 and IEC 62443.
  • Offshore certification is required.
  • Skilled, independent, and structured in working.
  • Proactive approach.

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