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Duration: 01.03.2024 - 31.12.2026
Location: Stord/Egersund

One of our customers is looking for a Site HSE Lead to work at Stord/Egersund. This role will be part of the project team on site following up the Project.

Assignment Description

Key responsibilities
• Ensure effective HSSE plans, management system and tools are implemented to deliver Yard/Site scope of work in agreement with Projects targets and ambitions.
• Promote and drive continuous HSSE improvements, whilst delivering learning back to the project
• Ensure efficient interfaces in place to support overall project success.
• Decision making within Alliance based on data and analysis, in agreement with assigned authority with support from relevant project and Alliance Partner roles.
• Support Alliance Project Execution Model development and improvement, as well as ensuring implementation and adherence to the HSSE profession in the Alliance as a whole.
• Networking and interacting within the FFA Alliance and with other client Alliances

Main tasks
Work according to the alliance principles, “One for all, all for one” by
• Building trust-based relationship, supporting openness and transparency
• Actively participate and collaborate.
• Support alliance partners commercial targets by working as one team.
• Flow efficient execution by working as one team.
• Challenge work processes, standards, specifications and support simplification and standardization
• Deliver in agreement with Norwegian law, client and Alliance values and governance processes to meet agreed HSSE objectives and targets.
• Report bi-weekly HSSE status (KPI’s, opportunities, concerns and issues).
• Be visible, proactive and support Alliance management teams in being exemplary HSSE leaders.
• Ensure HSSE risk management at management level and that the ‘line’ apply appropriate HSSE risk management controls.
• Active HSSE involvement at all levels of the organization, including follow-up of Alliance projects and involved partners, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. Support the expectation that the Alliance will establish world class tools through innovation and sharing best practices and lessons learned.
• Build a HSSE culture based on openness, trust and excellence.
• Propose HSSE improvements to the project team personnel if required.
• Be loyal to the Alliance and not be biased toward own company interests.

Construction Responsibilities
• Assist the Project HSSE Manager in HSSE activities.
• Assist the Yard/Site Construction Manager regarding HSSE matters at construction sites and coordinate implementation of Project HSSE program and activity plans for the construction phase.
• Verify by reviews and spot checks that the HSSE Management system is complete, implemented and functioning as intended at construction sites, including subcontractors as relevant.
• Identify critical HSSE areas in a proactive manner and review and propose preventive measures.
• Plan HSSE activities at construction sites and establish and maintain HSSE activity plans for the construction phase.
• Ensure that the execution of HSSE activities is in accordance with applicable requirements.
• Ensure that critical HSSE matters are followed up.
• Perform daily inspection of HSSE conditions at construction sites and report to Yard Construction/ Site Manager Manager
• Coordinate HSSE activities at construction sites in consultation with Project HSSE Manager
• Advise, inform, and assist line management and safety delegates in HSSE matters and actively contribute to ensure constructive interaction between these parties.
• Assist and advice in the daily performance of HSSE activities and in the HSSE attitude formation.
• Contribute to preparation of information materials (monthly HSSE topic and other relevant information)
• Perform HSSE training at construction sites when required Contribute to continuous improvement of HSSE activities at the construction site.

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