Project Completion Engineer

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Duration: Asap - 30.04.2026

Assignment Description

  • Purchase packages.
  • Liase with PRE to determine the MC SOW for purchase packages in PCS.
  • Generate the MC SOW for purchase packages in PCS and set up the handover certificates (IRN).
  • Assist in training of relevant personnel in usage of PCS.
  • Assist PRE and supplier through the IRN handover process.
  • Construction phase:
  • Ensure that all LCI tags and required non-LCI tags are made available in the PCS, including metadata.
  • Ensure that all LCI and the required non-LCI tags are connected to commissioning packages, based on the commissioning boundaries.
  • Ensure a uniform quality of non-LCI tags.
  • Ensure that all LCI and required non-LCI tags are issued with MCCR’s.
  • Assist preservation responsible with regards to establish and maintain the preservation scope in PCS.
  • Ensure that preservation requirements are followed and monitor preservation activities.
  • Ensure that all construction job cards are linked to the relevant MCCR’s and review and accept MC SOW for all construction job cards.
  • Ensure that the engineering database is aligned with the PCS with regards to amount and quality of tags and commissioning package relation.
  • Ensure that the project plan for construction activities is aligned with the commissioning packages.
  • Ensure that the MC personnel in field is trained in the usage of the PCS.
  • Facilitate the MC handover process by assisting offshore personnel in preparation of walk down work packages when needed.


  • Ensure good personal AMS/BMS/PEM knowledge within the completion organization and participate in introduction/training as required.
  • Compliance with values within Client and project HSE and Quality.
  • Implementation of the MC scope of work (SOW) in the Project’s Completion System (PCS).

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