FPU Cost Engineer

Assignment Description

Accountable for cost engineering duties on the project as a member of the FPU delivery team. During the execution phase, the candidate will be responsible for production of FPU specific cost reports and updates in accordance with company procedures. Responsible for maintaining and updating the delivery team’s work breakdown structure, control budget and allowances, cost forecast and submission of required cost reports and phasing inputs to the project master cost report. Responsible for control and verification of FPU EPC contractor forecasts, payment milestones, change orders, and MOC in accordance with contractor’s project controls plan. Must identify cost trends and corrective or preventative actions to influence on-budget delivery of the FPU. Develop various "what-if" analyses or delay scenarios to determine any potential impact on both cost and schedule.

 Organizationally, this position:

  • Reports day-to-day to the FPU Project Services Lead (PSL) via a solid-line relationship.
  • Reports functionally to the central Project Lead Cost Engineer.
  • Interfaces heavily with FPU Delivery Team Manager, FPU Contracting & Procurement team members, FPU Planner, and FPU EPC Contractor’s team. 

Note, this position is initially based in Houston during the design phase. This role has the option to follow the work to Asia for the subsequent construction phase, which will be a new position based in the FPU EPC Contractor’s fabrication yard.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide dedicated Project Cost Engineering support to the FPU Delivery Team, inclusive:
    • WBS management
    • Commitment Reporting
    • Value of Work Done (VOWD) and Accruals
    • Time-phased, Estimate/Forecast to Complete (ETC)
    • Allowance Drawdown
    • Trending analysis
    • Change Management (Cost) analysis and review of MOC’s.
  • Provide regular (weekly / monthly) reports to central project reporting team.
  • Implement reviews of EPC contractor’s cost forecast, include potential changes, and approved changes for incorporation into FPU delivery team cost forecast.
  • Review EPC contractor payment milestone / certificate submissions for accrual purposes and estimate time-phasing of remaining payment milestone achievements.
  • Monitor and report on the long lead equipment and associated payment milestones.
  • Monitor and report on third party services contracts and associated cost forecasts.
  • Work closely with FPU delivery team quantity surveyor and PC&P members, inclusive review of BOAQ’s / Lump Sum Conversion of provisional sums
  • Participate in KPI development, incentive initiatives, and focused performance assessments.
  • Other duties or support as needed / requested by the central Project Lead Cost Engineer

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