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FCC Area Lead

Assignment Description

For the FCC Area Lead, we are specifically looking for someone with FCC regenerator head/cyclone replacement experience.  1-year initial contract with possibility of extension through 2024.

The Area Event Manager is responsible for the planning and execution of work scope for the assigned unit. This involves leading the core team through scope development, planning, procurement and execution.

• Directly reports to TA Event Manager

• Subordinates include Discipline and Area Field Coordinators

Key Accountabilities

Planning Accountabilities

• Responsible for leading the detailed planning, execution planning, contractor validations, and field verifications phases

• Leads the Unit Core Team & Sub-Teams and ensures effective communication throughout phases

• Responsible for leading the schedule optimization and SIMOPs exercises to ensure the unit schedule is achievable, safe (i.e. eliminates stacked work and competing critical lifts) and fully aligned with the execution plan

• Create unit-wide crane and equipment requirement schedule

• Provides input into execution planning, such as the logistics plan, environment plan, safety & security plans

• Responsible for coordination of the critical lift plans for each critical lift needed during the turnaround. Ensure contractors have submitted all critical lift plans at least 3 months in advance of the Turnaround

• Support the detail collection for development of contractor bid packages for major and minor contracts

• Support the development and validation of contractor final direct and indirect budget allowances

• Prior to execution this position will lead the onboarding of the unit coordinators, facilitate reviews of the scope, complete role-playing exercises, and prepare for pre-Turnaround execution

• Ensure technical and operations teams complete required MOCs

• Conduct and prepare information for Readiness Assessment and Risk Reviews

Execution Accountabilities

• Responsible for pre-TA work execution and progress to ensure scope does not push into the TA duration

• Responsible for driving safe execution of the scope while ensuring compliance with site safety policies and procedures

• Lead the effort to review and adjust job packages for execution

• Responsible for ensuring the field execution of planned TA scope matches the schedule and work package

• Responsible for ensuring the Field Coordinators participate in the TA Safety Audit Program

• Participate and ensure a proper alignment of field teams when high complexity or high-risk scope items prepare to kickoff

• Mitigate any issues and manage change within their authority, while escalating items that require support from technical team or site management

• Lead the Field Coordinators through execution challenges, delays, discovery work and any other obstacles that arise. Guide the coordinators to an appropriate response and path forward or coach when necessary. The goal is to maintain a cohesive team that works together to solve these challenges

• Assist in resolution and reassigning of labor due to delays and/or discovery work. Resolve and/or escalate any issues for field coordinators or contractors, making sure critical activities are getting required resources

• Lead the Start-of-Shift meeting for their assigned area, focusing on aligning the teams with the schedule and looking ahead to any upcoming issues

• Monitor work and ensure execution is occurring per the schedule; determine root cause of any issues and professionally lead resolution or elevation to the appropriate level

• Verify contractor daily manpower requirements meet (and/or exceed) the plan based on PF analysis

• Immediately quench conflicts along racial and/or union/non-union affiliations. Report such conflicts to TA Event Manager

• Responsible for accurate reporting from contractor to the scheduler in IPS for both critical and non-critical path work. If deficiencies are noted, immediately address and elevate to the Contract Administrator, Event Manager and contractor leadership

• Monitor AWR process and ensure approved AWRs are fully communicated to Field Coordinators and Contractor teams

• Ensure that all stakeholders (field coordinators, contractors, inspections, operations) are following the MPI process in a timely manner

• Responsible for ensuring the field coordinators are participating in the scope line item completions process and ensuring the punch list items generated from this process are being closed in a timely manner

• Responsible for driving proper communication with the execution organization (who talks to who) and resolving any miscommunication in a timely manner

• Responsible for driving resolution of execution and material questions (RFIs) and concerns to Lead Planner before any AWR or Field Directives are submitted. Once it is determined that a field directive is needed, issue and follow up with the Contractor

Closeout Accountabilities

• Responsible for the unit cleanliness before contractor demobilization

• Responsible for ensuring punch items are completed

• Responsible for rating the coordinators and submitting to the TA Event Manager for future considerations

Key Capabilities

• Lead the TA development, execution and closeout activities through the assigned operational unit

• Challenge and support the Core Team functions in achieving their intended objectives and targets

• Utilize various project management reports throughout the TA lifecycle to identify event risks and opportunities

• Identify and action post event lessons learned to drive improvement through future Turnaround events


12 Months


Lima OH

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Philip Harrington

Lima, OH


An Oil and Gas Company



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