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Geopressure Geologist 

Assignment Description

Our team (SUB CCN GGP WS3), consists of operations geologists, geopressure geologists and petroleum engineers delivering a wide range of tasks towards exploration, development and CCS (Carbon capture & Storage) and primarily related to well planning and operations. We are organized in a competence center giving employees the opportunity to work on a broad set of deliveries and offering increased learning opportunities.

Tasks and Responsibilities Description

  • Ensure that pore pressure and wellbore stability deliveries in all well projects is performed in a correct, safe and cost-efficient way.
  • Work in cross disciplinary teams in the well construction process. 
  • Responsible for risk management related to wellbore stability.
  • Participate in relevant wellbore stability studies and overburden evaluations.

Qualifications Required

  • Ideally 5-10 years of subsurface and operational experience
  • Relevant Master's degree
  • Ability to work independently, with strong collaboration and communication skills
  • Curious to learn and promote continuous improvement.
  • Experience with pore pressure and wellbore stability

Duration 01.07.2023-01.07.2024
Location Sandsli, Bergen

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Leon Dyngeland

Sandsli, Bergen


Et norsk oljeselskap / a Norwegian oil company



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