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Enumerator (Market Research Field Worker)


Duration: One-Year Contract on a Full Time Basis 

Job Summary: 

We are seeking dedicated and detail-oriented Enumerators to join our team of Market Research Field Workers. The Enumerators will be responsible for conducting on-site data collection activities, administering surveys, and ensuring accurate and reliable data collection. This role requires excellent communication skills, a keen eye for detail, and the ability to interact professionally with respondents. 


• Conduct in-person interviews and surveys with respondents as per assigned project requirements. 

• Follow standardized survey instruments and data collection protocols to ensure consistency and accuracy. 

• Travel to designated locations to conduct field research activities, adhering to project timelines and deadlines. 

• Obtain informed consent from respondents prior to initiating data collection and maintain confidentiality throughout the process. 

• Clearly explain the purpose of the research and survey questions to respondents, ensuring their understanding. 

• Collect and record data accurately, ensuring completeness and adherence to quality standards. 

• Seek clarification or further details from respondents, as necessary, to ensure accurate data capture. 

• Handle any questions, concerns, or challenges raised by respondents in a professional and courteous manner. 

• Report any issues or difficulties faced during data collection to the Field Supervisor or Project Manager promptly. 

• Maintain proper documentation of completed surveys and related data, ensuring data integrity and security. 

• Collaborate with the Field Supervisor and other team members to achieve project objectives and deliverables. 

• Adhere to ethical guidelines and best practices in research and data collection at all times. 

Qualifications and Skills: 

• High school diploma or equivalent (Bachelor's degree preferred but not mandatory). 

• Proven experience in data collection, surveys, or a similar field. (2 years or more) 

• Excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills. 

• Strong attention to detail and accuracy in data collection. 

• Ability to follow instructions and adhere to research protocols. 

• Proficiency in using digital devices for data collection (e.g., tablets, smartphones). 

• Comfortable with conducting face-to-face interviews and surveys. 

• Basic computer skills (e.g., data entry, email communication). 

• Ability to work independently and follow project timelines. 

• Flexibility to travel to different locations as required for data collection. 

• Ability to maintain confidentiality and professionalism in sensitive situations. 

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Andrea Ragubir-Bernard



NSB | Omega



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