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Completion Engineer - Electro, Instrument, Telecom

Assignment Description

  • Follow up electrical small power.
  • Contribute with EL equipment, instrument and heat trace.
  • MC system engineer for Troll West Electrification Project.

Qualifications Required

  • Satisfactory references to earlier performances and capabilities to teamwork.
  • Field experience.
  • Familiar with Procosys, Fusion and MIPS.
  • College or university education.
  • Minimum 2 years post graduate experience from relevant industry practice.
  • Good communication skills in Norwegian and English, both verbally and written language.

Duration ASAP - 1 year
Location Stord, Norway

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Vibeke Monsen Snarberg

Stord, Norway


Et norsk leverandørselskap


Troll West Electrification Project

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