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Commissioning Lead - High Voltage - Power from Shore (PfS) - Yggdrasil

Assignment Description

As team member of Yggdrasil PfS commissioning team contribute to deliver the Yggdrasil PfS system according to plan and cost without any SSU and Security deviations to project goals.
Commissioning preparation, planning, execution, Leader for Safety (FSE) and handover

Role, responsibilities, and tasks
The HV Commissioning Lead shall perform, and control commissioning activities related to electrical systems, including planning, preparation, execution, and hand over to next phase.
This role will act as the Leader for Safety (FSE) in connection with work on and in close proximity to HV apparatus

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Establish and maintain safe working routines during execution of construction and commissioning to ensure that all work performed is made in full compliance with Yggdrasil PfS safety regulation to maintain Yggdrasil PfS objectives of zero incidents, injuries, and losses.
  • Review contractors’ installation procedures for HV apparatus.
  • Participate during establishment of contractors commissioning team with competence and capacity to perform commissioning on the electrical systems.
  • Responsible for reviewing and creating commissioning procedures on dedicated systems.
  • Issue and maintain commissioning boundary documentation for efficient construction and commissioning schedules.
  • Lead the commissioning activities during all phase to enable a safe and efficient commissioning execution of electrical systems.
  • Secure sufficient training and development of personnel within the commissioning organisation related to electrical installations.
  • Ensure relevant training certification of contractors personnel in relation to working on or near HV apparatus.
  • Participate in MC verification of equipment and packages in order to obtain Ready for Commissioning status to secure a smooth transfer of Commissioning Packages from Construction to Commissioning.
  • Follow up punch work in the field and punch list documentation and clearance.
  • Ensure that drawings/documents are marked up with changes identified during commissioning and that as-built documentation is updated accordingly by responsible contractor.
  • Experience transfer from/to other relevant projects and towards the base organisation.
  • Identify and follow up risks and opportunities related to construction and commissioning.
  • Evaluate and verify all procedures and work instructions used during commissioning and ensure that those are well understood by relevant personnel.
  • Assessment of provisions for commissioning in design.
  • Ensure and maintain a close and good relationship to contractor and operation.
  • Lead, execute, and supervise the performance of commissioning activities.
  • Responsible for handover of the facility to Operation by issuing RFOC (Ready for Operation Certificates).
  • Participating in development of strategies, budget, plans/schedules, procedures, routines, ATS requirements, FAT, UFAT, RISK and work processes for commissioning.
  • Execute commissioning according to Client governing documents.
  • Identify and propose needed temporaries for commissioning execution
  • Recommend Commissioning SPIR
  • Participate in relevant engineering and construction meetings to obtain and ensure commissioning task execution.

Main organisational interfaces
This position requires close interaction with the following disciplines:

  • Project Support
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Contractor Commissioning
  • Statnett

Qualifications Required

  • University degree or equivalent.
  • Result and safety oriented
  • Experience from oil and gas projects.
  • Extensive knowledge of FEF & FSE
  • Extensive knowledge of Client governing documentation.
  • Well-developed teambuilding, co operational- and communication abilities.
  • Ability to handle responsibility and periodically high work load.
  • Ability to drive activities to be complete on schedule
  • Establish good relations with Contractors

Duration 19.06.2023-31.05.2026
Location At start of assignment location will be at Client office Fornebu, followed by mobilization to Samnanger (Vestland county, Norway)  Q3 2023

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Wenche Ingunn Tindeland

Bærum, Oslo


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