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Certification Coordinator - QRC

Assignment Description

  • The Certification coordinator shall manage and control the sub-contract for the assigned Renewable Energy Certification Body (RECB).
  • He/she shall manage the interface between RECB and engineering in addition to reporting to Client and HVDC Partner in the project.
  • The Certification coordinator shall manage and support the project team and secure progress for the certification work
  • Support sub-contract management when entering the RECB contract
  • Manage the sub-contract throughout the project
  • Ensure progress by RECB
  • Manage and control budget related to the sub-contract
  • Report to Client according to project contract
  • Develop required work instructions and guidelines to secure compliance of the work according to certification scheme and contract
  • Give input to Quality Plan and Audit & Verification plan in the project
  • Define stakeholder and the stakeholders needs by
  • Developing communication matrix
  • Ensure distribution channels work as intended
  • Facilitate workshops and meetings when required
  • Secure quality in comments and reply between RECB and project organization and distribute the comments internally
  • Manage site visits and Audit for the RECB
  • Support RECB by providing the required Company documents

Qualifications Required

  • Bachelor, Master Degree or relevant technical education
  • Minimum 6 years’ experience from relevant design activities in oil and gas
  • Previous experience with coordination towards RECB in O&G projects
  • Have good communication skills
  • Have a cooperative working attitude and acceptance for multicultural team environment
  • Ability to work independently as well as in team
  • Be systematic and accurate
  • Have a high loyalty to deadline and quality requirements
  • Be proactive, seeking advice and share own experiences with others
  • Fluent English and preferably Norwegian skills - both orally and in writing

Duration 1st mob - Planned start date: ASAP - 31.12.2024
2nd mob - Planned start date: 01.08.23 - 31.12.24
Location Oslo

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Ketil Hanche Mosland



Norwegian supplier company



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