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Completion Preparation Responsible Engineer

Assignment Description

  • Take ownership and support Vendors in front end completion preparations. 
  • Assure compliance with Company / Project standards and local legislation. 
  • Verify structure, status, and quality of information in vendors’ CMSs (PIMS and MIPS). 
  • Quality assurance of work scoped within Commissioning Package boundaries. 
  • Verify linking of correct MCCRs/CPCLs to respective tags. 
  • Actively monitor outstanding punch items. Assist vendors in keeping the numbers as low as possible. 
  • Monitor status (quality) for RFC Commissioning packages (NCRs, Queries, tag status, LCI etc.) and assist Commissioning by verifying MC and Preservation status before handover. 
  • Assist during Plan- and Readiness meetings by addressing actions for achieving handovers according to plan and milestones. 
  • Identify and address work scopes that can be accelerated and/or completed ahead of planned schedule.
  • Follow up status on vendor-packages and inform where actions need to be taken. 
  • Support vendors in optimizing plans and preparations for package punch-out. 
  • Identify completion activities and milestones as input to the integrated CSU schedule. 
  • Monitor Mechanical Completion activities in the CMS for progress measuring purposes. 
  • Actively cooperate with the project team to ensure Completion- and Commissioning requirements are included.

Qualifications Required

  • Proven track record with preparing and managing completion of integrated major projects. 
  • Knowledgeable in all safety and quality aspects of construction, systems completion, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and start-up. 
  • Strong leadership capabilities and behaviors and proven inter-personal and relationships skills in complex environments. 
  • Structured and organized. 
  • Committed to learning, continuous improvement, coaching, mentoring, and motivating others to be successful. 
  • Flexibility in working hours as required by the situation.

Duration 01.06.2023-01.05.2025
Location Stavanger

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