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Front End Mechanical Engineer

Assignment Description

  • Relevant education
  • Experience from Front End Studies
  • Interdisciplinary thinking and understanding
  • Experience in establishing study reports for mechanical/HVAC equipment/packages in the Oil and Gas Industry on the Norwegian North Sea sector
  • Good communicative skills in Norwegian and English

Qualifications Required

  • In the Mechanical Front End department, this candidate will support the mechanical team in conducting brownfield studies
  • The candidate must have extensive experience in the study of various mechanical devices
  • It is necessary to establish contacts with potential suppliers and internal employees of different departments and to maintain a good relationship
  • In a short period of time, the topic/SOW must be identified and cooperation with the necessary departments must be established
  • This must be done in an independent and solution-oriented way
  • It is always necessary to react to the dynamics of the project / change in the requirements for the equipment. Budget enquiries must be written, and quotations evaluated for various mechanical equipment. The evaluation must be carried out within the framework of the project requirements for the equipment and in cooperation with all involved parties.
  • The result of the investigation/evaluation of the equipment must be recorded in a report

Duration Stavanger
Location ASAP - 31.12.2024

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