Senior Technical Safety Engineer, 50%

Assignment Description

- Follow up and verify the following analyses performed by a 3rd party: Risk and design evaluations, HAZIDs, Installation Risk analyses, ALARP register, Vulnerability analysis, Total risk analysis (TRA) and follow up, including coordinate technical evaluations and documentation with 3rd party/TRA contractor, such as fire and gas hazards, personnel risk, evacuation/escape, dropped object, ship collision risk etc.

- Develop the project DeAL based on the results from the TRA.
- Verification, documentation, and coordination of DeAL and TRA (input and results) towards relevant Engineering disciplines and design through the Detail Engineering phase, is an essential part of the work. 
- Also, ensuring common understanding of risk and correct implementation of design and safety barriers, from risk evaluations.
- Coordination, evaluation, and follow-up all 3rd party analyses related to risk evaluations, such as gas dispersion, fire and explosion risk, Input to DeAL, Exhaust dispersion
- Ensure an effective communication with TRA contractor in order to have all the necessary input in the 3rd party analyses and ensure that the deadlines and Scope of Work for the analyses is according to the project specifications.
- Ensure that the results of the analyses are included in the design and coordinated towards all the influenced parties in the project.

Qualifications Required

- MSc and min. 10 years working experience in oil and gas Greenfield Detail projects
- Min. 5 years working experience in a role as follow- up of 3rd party safety analyses
- Working experience from Norwegian Sector
- Detail knowledge of NORSOK safety requirements (S-001)
- Ability to work independently and thorough as well as ability to work in team
- Multidiscipline understanding
- Good communication skills
- Have a high loyalty to deadline and quality requirements
- Be proactive, seeking advice and share own experiences with others
- Communicate well in English – both oral and in writing

Duration: 01.01.23 - 31.12.2023
Location: Asker, Oslo
Workload: 50%

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Ketil Hanche Mosland

Asker, Oslo

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22 sep 2022