Construction OPC Lead

Assignment Description

  • OPC’s mission is to provide a 6-week construction schedule that is 100% attainable within the 1+2 weeks frozen window for Yard stay. 
  • OPC is a Fora that is facilitated by a dedicated core team to generate “PULL to Release” workorders from engineering/procurement to Construction and Completion. 
  • OPC has the mandate to expedite all stakeholders in the 6-week construction schedule to deliver in due time
  • OPC Lead to ensure that Construction Manager is informed and approve any changes on lead-times described in the procedure in line with defined gates for OPC Handshake.
  • Responsible for the overall attainability of a 6-week construction schedule to meet all project targets.
  • Maintain good communication between engineering, procurement, planning, method and construction regarding the 6-week construction schedule. 
  • Responsible for organizing, managing, and expediting members in the OPC forum and OPC Core team.
  • Monitor and push closure toward EPCI fora regarding any identified late deliveries toward point of OPC Handshake, to ensure readiness within agreed timeframe
  • OPC has the mandate to reschedule activities and/or work orders with an early start date within the 6-weeks construction schedule, if work is not found to be attainable as required. Agreed constructability, method and sequencing of plan to re-evaluated and confirmed. 
  • Chair agreed/required OPC Forum meeting, assigning and tracking all actions required for providing the project with an attainable 6-week construction schedule
  • Ensure the construction plan, so it is attainable and meets all targets based on the prerequisite as previous performed Quality assurance of Construction and Completion plan, Level 4 SIMOPs and constructability reviews. 
  • Evaluate and identify tasks that need to be expedited by stakeholders to reach 6 weeks attainability and project targets
  • Evaluate and identify risk and challenges related to target dates and/or critical line.
  • Monitor and report progress on response and closure of Site Queries, Material Holds and Plan issues raised during the 6-weeks schedule in close relation with defined responsible in project. 
  • In close cooperation with Operation & WP Lead and SIMOPS Responsible, ensure that SIMOPS are performed and restrictions in simultaneous operations are identified, mitigated and reflected by linking and sequencing of workorders in the Construction and Completion plan.
  • Communicate with relevant stakeholders working across organizational units regarding criticalities and deliveries with high focus and critical path.
  • Evaluate, identify late deliverables from Engineering & Procurement and mitigation actions within area of responsibilities.   
  • Through the organization; Evaluate and give input to the 6 weeks plan related to sequences, start/ end date, durations, activity and dependencies, man-hour estimates and milestones challenges.  
  • Report SIMOPS effecting the planned 6 weeks schedule and potential consequences. 
  • OPC Lead reports to the C&C Manager   

Duration ASAP - 1 year
Location Stavanger

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