Senior Instrument Engineer

Assignment Description

  • Participate in design engineering and actively provide input to the project. 
  • Create technical inquiry documents for instrument valve packages according to Aker Solutions and ConocoPhillips requirements. 
  • Vendor follow-up including documentation and factory visits.  

Qualifications Required

- Experience with ConocoPhillips
- Experience as Instrument Valve PRE
- Experience with brownfield projects
- Knowledge of field instrumentation and field engineering

  • Master or Bachelor grad degree or relevant technical education is preferred
  • Minimum 5+ years experience as instrument valves PRE in the AKSO system requested. 
  • Ability to specify, dimension and apply correct valve, actuator, valve systems and related accessories to process applications, including procurement related activities. 
  • Ability in taking responsibility and ownership for the procurement process of a discipline or multi discipline procurement package. 
  • Competence to incorporate other discipline (process, piping, safety) requirement to the supplier technical specification (datasheet, etc.). 
  • Follow up of supplier documentation and incorporate information to the instrument documents. 
  • Knowledge of field instrumentation and field engineering.
  • Good communicative skills in Norwegian and English

Duration: ASAP- 31.12.2022
Location: Stavanger

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