Integrated Operations (Digitalization) Specialist Engineer

Assignment Description
Integrated Operations (IO) is the operating model for the future. As engineering contractor, we shall ensure that the technical design supports digitalization for remote operation and monitoring. The technical design relies on sufficient instrumentation, sound data flow infrastructure and digital & cloud applications.


  • Instrumentation Ensure sufficient instrumentation for condition- and performance monitoring for condition-based maintenance objectives 
  • Work closely with maintenance department. 
  • Expert Systems ensure sufficient expert systems to analyze data collected and present this on HMI
  • Make these systems available locally and remotely 
  • ICT data collection, ICT=Information Communication technology 
  • Collect data from Automation-, Instrumentation- and other expert systems by using industrial protocols (Modbus TCP, OPC Classic, OPC UA etc) ICT data exchange create a solution which enables data exchange on industrial protocols between systems in a safe, secure, and efficient manner. This includes data exchange to remote systems. Cyber security, Adhering to the Cyber security requirements in the ICT design. 
  • The IO specialist engineer will work with condition monitoring (+other aspects of remote monitoring), and ICT data exchange design. The destination systems and applications will use digital- and cloud solutions to achieve field of the future targets. 
  • It is an advantage to have experience from Automation industry, but your main asset should be a genuine interest in shaping fields of the future design. 
    Work tasks will be: 
    • Defining condition monitoring solutions (instrumentation and monitoring systems) in close alignment with maintenance team  
    • Establishing Project specific ICT documents and specifications  
    • Establish and document monitoring requirements with client at equipment level  
    • Follow-up implementation of supplier solutions in projects

Qualifications Required

  • 5 year relevant experience from project work and preferable experience from oil and gas projects
  • BSc or MSc degree
  • Language Skills: English
  • Offshore Automation experience
  • Offshore maintenance experience
  • Instrumentation and monitoring solutions experience
  • ICT documents and spec. experience

Duration: 01.12.2021 - 31.12.2022
Location: Oslo, Fornebu

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Gunn Tollefsen

Oslo, Fornebu

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25 nov 2021