Assignment Description
Ensure Documentation received from Contractors and Suppliers is handled in an accurate and timely manner to ensure unnecessary delays within the project. 

 Act as a focal point between VE and the Contract with respect to the implementation of the LCI Requirements, JENS, MDR (Design and Supplier) and TQs / deviations.

Qualifications Required

  • LCI Focal point between Company and Contractors organisation and participate in regular meetings
  • Ensure the JENS Engineering numbering system is implemented and followed by Contractor and Subcontractors.
  • Responsible for the review and verification of the MDR to ensure it meets expectations and create Overdue reports for delayed documents 
  • Monitor Contractors development of LCI deliverables against the MDRs to ensure compliance with the LCI  requirements
  • Assist with the maintenance and upkeep of the FPSO DDM and communicate with the Meridian lead capture distribution information
  • Alignment with LCI Team - Balder Future Project
  • Assist with the uploading of Data  and Files to Meridian
  • Responsible for the Verification of the completeness LCI deliveries in line with Company requirements for the Subsystem turn overs / Supplier Packages.
  • Ensure LCI requirements are understood and will be met by Bluewater (Turret) and Lervik (LQ) by performing independent verification activities of these
  • Responsible for exploring and securing original software files as the project develops
  • Responsible for signing of the LCI deliveries in the PIMS CMS Completion system.
  • Responsible for the verification of the completeness and accuracy of Tag metadata transfers from IFS to Meridian 
  • Ensuring all Equipment etc that has been removed or replaced that the documents is corrected accordingly ie voided superseded etc. 
  • Participate in the Rosenberg VE Task force to identify missing LCI and Tag metadata. 
  • Reporting the LCI Progress and planning future deliveries in line with the schedule.
  • Participate in the review and evaluation of Technical Queries and Deviations as required
  • Assist in locating brown field information as required. 
  • Local Meridian Support on site 
  • Participate in LCI Audits and reviews as required   

Duration ASAP - 01.06.2022

Location Stavanger