Assignment Description:

  • Surveys / rotation on project at Yard 
  • MC and Field Engineering during yard stay 
  • Prepare plot / drawing for inspection, method and scanning / measurement 
  • Assist onshore organization with relevant input for detail engineering 
  • Coordinate activities with other disciplines in yard 
  • Participate in project meetings 
  • Prepare safety job analyses 
  • Follow up materials on site 
  • Demonstrate a visible and active commitment to achieving the OneWay Vision and its associated requirements 
  • Interfaces towards all project organization 
  • Ensure that all internal and external interfaces are identified and followed up within his area of responsibility 
  • Establish routines for effective communication between project participants across the internal and external interfaces in the project within his area of responsibility 
  • Ensure a good team spirit in the project within his area of responsibility 
  • Demonstrate an active HSE attitude. 
  • Be responsible for following up own safety and work under procedures established for working on the Jotun A installation. 
  • Support production personnel during their daily works with respect to clarification of JC scope including materials. 
  • Coordinate deviations to JC’s. Find/suggest solutions to field changes. Seek Vår Energi and ROS approval for field changes, assist Production Supervisors in executing changes and report to ROS engineering and plan changes to job cards. 
  • Be an active participant towards successful completion of the project 

Qualifications Required:

- Minimum 10 years’ experience from projects on the NCS

Duration: ASAP - 1 year
Location: Stavanger
Rotation: 15-20 rotation