Assignment Description

Assist in ensuring production and documentation compliance with Project Specifications and Regulatory requirements:

- Demonstrate an adequate 24-7 HSE attitude

- Perform daily QC inspections in accordance with ITP, procedures and work instructions for civil scope (concrete productio concrete works, reinforcement, post tensioning and formwork)

- Compile inspection records and final documentation (FRB/LCI)

- Monitor civil construction’s self-check performance, reporting and status

- Provide input and technical documentation to NCRs

- Liaison with civil construction disciplines including civil subcontractors (post tensioning and concrete supply)

- Identify critical quality issues in a proactive manner and facilitate improvements

- Make a daily report including agreed KPI from the inspections and subcontractors

- Issue shift report, sign out list, assessment report, deviation reports etc as required

- Inspect concrete production, concrete placement, curing, repair as required

Qualifications Required

- 0-5 years relevant experience
- Bachelor's degree
- Long experience from civil and concrete projects may substitute bachelor’s degree (depending on experience and previous positions)
- Experience with Civil and concrete works
- Possess a degree in engineering, preferably within Civil engineering (“bygg & anlegg”)
- Concrete technology course or similar as U3
- Experience with requirements for civil work, drawings, specifications and procedures
- English language is required
- Norwegian language is desired
- Preferably experience with digital systems

Duration Dec 20 / Jan 21 - 31.03.2022

Rotation 14/21 Day/night

Location Stord (4 months) / Dommersnes (12 months)