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Visibility to increase fire safety

To improve our fire protection preparedness, Omega 365’s Norwegian offices will soon receive reflective vests with the word "Brannvern” (“Fire protection”) presented on the back. Our safety delegate at the Ølensvåg office, Sandra Hegerland, hopes the measure will strengthen workplace safety.

Corporate HSEQ Manager, Karina Hovden Stava and safety delegate, Sandra Hegerland

"Our team can now find a yellow reflective vest on each floor, in every Omega 365 office in Norway. In the event of fire, or if the fire alarm goes off, we want one of our employees to put on the vest and check that all rooms on the floor are empty and that the doors are closed. Furthermore, this person must let the fire protection manager know that the floor is empty when they meet at the agreed meeting point. At our headquarters in Ølensvåg, Kjell Tore Helgeland is our fire protection manager”, says Hegerland.

The yellow vests will hang visibly on each floor and only be used in the case of fire or suspected fire.

"We do not delegate this responsibility in advance, as we want a solution that is as simple as possible. Anyone who feels that they can take responsibility can do so in the situation. The vests will ensure it is clear who is responsible for controlling the premises, closing doors, and passing on information," says Hegerland.

The measure originates from an initiative by AMU (Work Environment Committee); AMU consists of safety delegates participating as our employees’ representatives, along with management representatives from various Norwegian companies in Omega 365. AMU meetings are held twice a year and a new leader is elected each year. In November 2021, new safety delegates were elected for the largest offices in Norway. Read about them and AMU’s work here.