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Trysil teambuilding trip for the Oslo Solutions team 

Two departments from Omega 365 Solutions in Oslo went on a teambuilding trip to Trysil in Norway, this autumn.

Twenty-two employees from the Omega 365 Solutions office in Oslo took part in the trip, where they got to experience two full days of group activities and a chance to refresh their skills. After the assembly, the afternoons were filled with cycle trips, golf, disc golf, and good meals. Surrounded by nature, the employees were also given the opportunity to experience a walking safari in the Trysil region

“We had departments C10 and E19 together on this trip. As a result, we could focus exclusively on professional development and learning, away from daily responsibilities”,  says our employee, Anne Bergan.

In addition to being a social gathering, the teambuilding events in Omega 365 aim to create and strengthen the collaboration between teams, and identify each other's strengths and abilities.

Check out a video from the Trysil teambuilding here:

About Omega 365 Solutions

In recent years, Omega 365 Solutions has gained a solid foothold in both the public sector and the construction and infrastructure industries. The company now has plans for a larger investment internationally, as well as in Norway, with the new Omega 365 cloud platform. The Omega 365 Group employs approximately 350 employees globally in the software business area. The Norwegian company has approximately 268 employees working on assignment at the client’s locations or at Omega 365 Solutions’ offices in Stavanger, Bergen, Haugesund, Ølensvåg, Kristiansund, Oslo, and Tønsberg. Omega 365 Solutions already has a long history of providing the Pims project management system to clients in the oil and gas industry. Omega 365 Solutions is one of several subsidiaries in the Omega 365 Group, which has a total of over 1800 employees.