Omega 365

Omega 365


These are all the features you get access to in Omega 365, ensuring your project or organization an efficient and well-documented progress.

Org structure with role-based access

  • Organizational units as a container for people and data
  • Role-based access via org structure
  • Add new users / persons
  • Use of current context to limit your view and focus

Object structure, all assets from top to bottom

  • A model of the real world (digital twin)
  • Multiple hierarchies
  • Links to activities, workflows and documents
  • Manage LCI / Documentation requirements


  • Plan your work in details
  • Set up and define activities 
  • Set up checklists
  • Create schedules
  • WBS Structure

BIM / 3D

  • Combine IFC files into models
  • BIM viewer
  • Link database/data into BIM


  • Use for handling routine tasks
  • Set up workflow processes
  • Create new workflows
  • Collaborate within a workflow
  • Track issues

Contracts and commitments

  • Contract register
  • Contract elements (VORs/VOs)
  • Contract forms

Document management

  • Document numbering
  • Document planning
  • Setting up distribution
  • Creating and working with documents
  • Submitting and receiving documents
  • Distributing documents
  • Reviewing documents
  • Documentation for operations; requirements and handover
  • Reporting (progress, following up deliveries and reviews)


  • Checklists and setup
  • Controls using check-items
  • Testing procedures and execution
  • Handover
  • Punch items (workflows/issues)

Quality and risk management

  • Plan and follow up quality activities
  • Incident reporting
  • Product deviations
  • Document compliance
  • Define and categorize risk, and add mitigating measures
  • Assess probability and consequences
  • Goals and lessons learned
  • Maintain your checklists (for reuse)

Cost control and status reporting

  • WBS and estimates
  • Time-phasing and baselines
  • Actual progress and cost
  • Status reporting (monthly reports)

Resource management

  • Positions
  • Persons / resource pool
  • Candidates (for specific positions)
  • Project assignments


  • Enhance collaboration with overview of tasks and actions
  • Create a collaboration workspace
  • Review / online markup of a PDF
  • General actions
  • Team documents
  • Share your documents in team folders
  • Meetings
  • Plan your agenda and follow up actions

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