For Omega, the protection of your privacy and the security of your data are very important and we will always process your personal information:

This privacy statement describes what personal information we collect, how we treat this information, who we might share it with, and what rights you have as an individual when it comes to how we use the information we have about you.

Personal Information

Personal information is pieces of information or an assessment that can be linked to you as an individual.

Processing of personal information means any use of personal information, such as collection, registration, storage, assembly, extraction, deletion, etc. All processing of personal data is generally subject to the Personal Data Act.

Data Controller

The Data Controller determines the purposes for which and the means by which personal data is processed. It is the responsibility of the officer to ensure that the personal information is treated properly and in accordance with applicable regulations.

The Data Controller for the personal information collected by Omega AS is the CEO of Omega AS, Kvassanesvegen 4, 5582 Ølensvåg, Norway, phone number +47-53775377, email:

Purpose of the processing of personal data and sharing of information

Omega's purpose of collecting, processing and storing personal information about you is for us to provide our services to you in the best possible way, and fulfilling the rights and duties of Omega in our daily work. For employees, this includes, but is not limited to managing payroll and personnel responsibility in accordance with the Personal Data Act, record necessary information for payroll, such as basic data, salary level, time registration, tax rate, tax authority and refunds.


Omega make use of cookies to give the content of our web pages a personal touch and to analyze our web traffic.

It will also be relevant to collect, store and process personal information about you if you apply for a job or we assess your suitability for a position.

If so, we will need to use and keep your CV, diplomas, reference checks and certificates in order for us to:

Applications in Omega that process personal data

In Omega, the following applications are used to process your personal information:

Information categories being processed

The following personal information may be registered in MarketMaker and My Omega 365 (My Omega 365 - Intranet - retrieves information from MarketMaker on integration)

In MarketMaker's Personnel Register, documents that are relevant for your follow-up will be kept updated. Contact with you and important information is recorded and the mail correspondence between you and Omega is stored.

In My Omega 365 there is a contact register of all employees. Here, as an employee, you can search for other employees in Omega and find their phone number and email.

The following personal information is registered in (retrieves information from MarketMaker by integration):

Data Processors

Only employees in the company with a service need for it have access to your personal information.

Your rights

Right to access, correction and deletion of personal data

The Personal Data Act gives you the right to access your personal information. Personal information that you can maintain yourself can be seen by signing in to My Omega 365 (under My Profile). The personal information in can be seen by logging in, under My profile.

If you have questions about which personal information is stored in our systems, please send an email to

It is important that the information we have about you is correct and up to date. If you find that information in My Omega 365 or is incorrect, you may correct the information there yourself, or contact us at

You may request personal information in MarketMaker's personnel register. If you think there are errors in the information, please contact

When the information stored by Omega is no longer necessary to achieve the purpose of processing, when any consent for processing is withdrawn or there is a statutory requirement for deletion under special circumstances, the information shall be deleted.

It is our duty to ensure that the personal information we keep is necessary to achieve the purpose of the agreement. However, under certain circumstances, the deletion obligation will not apply. Examples of this is where Omega is to fulfill a legal obligation, where the Archives Act requires filing requirements, or further storage is necessary because we are required to process some information about applicants, employees and former employees. This follows from the Working Environment Act, the Accounting Act and the Tax Act.

If you wish to delete any of the information we have about you, please contact us at

We will not store personal information beyond what is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the agreement and the statutory duties we have.

If you disagree with how we process personal information, you have the right to appeal to the Data Protection Authority. You can read more about this on the Data Protection Authority's website:

Contact us

Contact us if you have questions about how we treat your personal information. We will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Phone number: +47 53 77 53 77

E-mail address:

Implementation of changes in this statement

We will periodically update this Privacy Statement to reflect any changes as to how we process personal information, or changes to our website. The content of the statement at the time of your consent is stored for future reference. Renewal of consent may be required on a routine basis or if major changes are made to the statement.

Last updated: May 2020