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Senior ISO and Surface Protection Construction Supervisor


Manage ISO and Surface protection activities activities in conjunction with the construction of wellbay module and PAUs for the process module. 

Support the construction the construction manager to achieve the overall project goals in meeting Project HSSEQ, Quality and Schedule requirements.

Assignment Description

  • ISO and Surface Protection Construction Supervisor for wellbay module and PAU’s for the process module
  • Meeting the overall Alliance objectives for the project in accordance with agreed HSSE, Quality and Schedule targets
  • Proactively support the Contractor so that they deliver as per Company expectations and prorities.
  • Key activities to include:
  • Day to day supervison of the ISO and Surface Protection activities
  • Participate in safety and QC walkabouts.
  • Evaluated build methods and provide improvement suggestions to Contractor
  • Evaluate and approve Insulation subcontracor
  • Expedite IFC and material delivery with FFA engineering and procurement groups
  • Construction interface co-ordination with other disciplines
  • Advise Construction Manager about lack of resourcing in Contractors team
  • Mechanical completion & Preservation
  • Pre-commissioning
  • Assistance to Commissioning
  • Reviewing final documentation
  • Ensure Company/Client Construction and MC plans and management systems & tools are implemented to deliver work in agreement with targets and ambitions.
  • Safeguard Schedule robustness and Critical line
  • Support and promote delivery drive
  • Promote and drive continuous Construction and MC improvements, whilst delivering learning back between projects (Hugin and PWP)
  • Ensure efficient and needed Procedures and interfaces in place to support overall project success
  • Ensuring implementation and adherence to Alliance Project Execution Model Main tasks (with team)
    Work according to the alliance principles, “One for all, all for one” by
  • Building trust-based relationship, supporting openness and transparency
  • Actively participate and collaborate
  • Support alliance partners commercial targets by working as one team
  • Flow efficient execution by working as one team
  • Challenge work processes, standards, specifications and support simplification and standardization
  • Deliver in agreement with Norwegian law, client and Alliance values and governance processes to meet agreed objectives and targets.
  • Privide input to weekly Construction reports (opportunities, concerns and issues).
  • Be visible, proactive and exemplary HSSEQ leader.
  • Understand the risk associated with project activities.
  • Active involvement at all levels of the organization
  • Support and contribute to a HSSEQ culture based on openness, trust and excellence
  • Be loyal to the Alliance and not be biased toward own company interests.

Qualifications Required

  • Tekniske Fagskole (Technical College)
  • The holder of the role must be a strong communicator, have 10+ years of relevant work experience and a track record in piping & mechanical construction supervison.
  • Knowledge of North Sea principles and standards.
  • Ability to implement an efficient HSSEQ culture, by empowerment of managers.
  • Good communication skills and make sure “messages are heard and understood“.
    Personal characteristics
  • Be self-motivated with a willingness to learn from others and work with a minimum of direction.
  • Actively seeks out know-how and best practice related to own area of contribution.
  • Anticipates future situations and plans ahead to meet them.
  • Actively promotes open & effective communication.
  • Strong relation builder with interpersonal skills and experience in organizational and people development.
  • Actively promotes a positive team environment, demonstrating shared commitment to the success of the project organisation.
  • Actively engages and respects contributions of others, in face to face or virtual meetings.
  • Seeks to develop self and coach others to help their development.
  • Build networks to enhance effectiveness and shared knowledge.
  • Ability to deliver according to expectations.
  • Experience from Norwegian projects

Duration 01.02.2024 - 30.09.2025
Location Dubai

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