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Tag Coordinator

  • Assignment Description
  • Follow up on registration of new tag in Engineering Data System.
  • Allocating of new tags in client system.
  •  Export and update tag information in client system.
  • Export and update tag information from client system to our system for CPI and interface tags.
  • Follow up and update routines for tagflow between our and client system.
  • Ensure data flow between our data register and the costumer’s data register.
  • Cooperate with LCI and IM to ensure tag data quality requirements are fulfilled.

    Qualifications Required
  • Norwegian or English
  • Good knowledge of Tag Handling
  • Engineering College (Bachelor)
  • Relevant experience 2 - 5 years
  • Experience from Tag handling system and document management system
  • Good multidisciplinary understanding and understanding of technical documentation
  • Ability to work independently and structured
  • IT Systems: EDS, Comos, PIMS

Duration 01.11.2023 - 30.07.2025

Location Stord

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Stian Severin Bjørkheim



One of our clients



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