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Wellsite Geologist

NSB Omega is seeking candidates for Wellsite Geologist positions on rotation for our Client, Equinor.

Assignment Description

Contribute to obtain Equinor’s HSE goals by active participation in the HSE work on the rig/platform. 

•            Ensure compliance with Equinor's security requirements. 

•            Ensure that established routines for wellsite geology work is being followed.

•            Continuously follow up well signals and evaluate pore pressure and borehole stability. Contribute to avoid well control incidents. (Extremely important for HPHT wells)

•            Ensure that data acquisition is performed in accordance with activity program, detailed operations procedures and best practice. 

•            Perform quality control of drilling and geological data related to formation evaluation. 

•            Supervise service companies related to data acquisition. 

•            Immediately inform the Drilling Supervisor about geo operational issues that can influence safety, cost or well objectives. Advise on geological and reservoir technical issues. 

•            Ensure that all non-conformances are immediately discussed with the Operations Geologist, and properly documented. 

•            Keep the Operations Geologist continuously posted about well status. 

•            Prepare preliminary interpretations based on all data available and contribute to the final geological well products. 

•            Ensure that geological reports and logs are prepared and finalized. 

 Wellsite geologists involved in drilling of HPHT wells shall be competent and familiar with the equipment and operational procedures. The following E-learning courses are mandatory: 

•            Well integrity basic 

•            D&W safety standard

Qualifications Required

Master degree and 4+ years relevant experience (including HPHT experience) OR
Bachelor degree an 6+ years relevant experience (including HPHT experience)

Relevant experience may compensate for formal qualifications.


Temporary - Commence March 2024 with offshore rotation starting May 1, 2024 to 130 days into September 2024


St. John's/Offshore NL

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Jose Gillis

St. John's


A Major Oil and Gas Company



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