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Senior Electrical Engineer

Assignment Description
Responsible for providing Company input to the electrical technical aspects of the package team activities of the procurement package. Support in planning and execution of the technical procurement activities of assigned procurement package(s) in accordance with project procedures, work instructions and guidelines to meet project plans and goals.

  • Understand and act in accordance with project's quality, health, safety and environment policies.
  • Involve the extended package team regularly regarding the package work, plans and expectations.
  • Take personal responsibility for developing a positive project culture in accordance with our ground rules for co-operation.

  • Facilitate & provide Company electrical technical input to the package team activities of the procurement package in accordance with the project governance for all project phases
  • Participate in any necessary meetings for the package or system follow-up 
  • Clarify any technical questions (and deviations) from the package team regarding Company requirements.
  • Provide Company Lessons Learned and input to Package team.
  • Review (as applicable) any supplier documentation received for review.
  • Review (as applicable) any engineering documents received for review.

Qualifications Required

  • Senior Electrical engineer with EPC project experience.  
  • Know or learn the procurement related parts of the Project Execution Model.
  • Obtain a general knowledge of the contract, and a detailed knowledge of the technical Procurement requirements and Company specifications for the assigned procurement package(s).
  • Overall electrical system knowledge.  

Duration 02.10.2023 - 31.12.2024
Location Asker

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Wenche Ingunn Tindeland

Asker, Oslo


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