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Completion Engineer (Mechanical/Piping) - PCS Coordinator

Assignment Description

  • Responsible for the preparatory work and the definition of MC- and Preservation-requirements, based on the Completion Strategy, MC-Plan, Preservation Plan, engineering drawings and supplier’s documentation.
  • Preparing a preliminary Completion schedule and the definition of detailed MC-, Preservation- and Commissioning-requirements.
  • Updating of technical information in the CMS(Completion Management System).
  • Produce and send the PCD (Package Completion Dossiers) to Supplier.
  • Establish routines for Technical information to be entered/transferred into the PCS on a continuous basis.
  • Interfaces with Engineering to ensure engineering data is updated in accordance with revision updates of key documents, i.e., cable schedules, instrument index, line list, etc.
  • Delivery of Commissioning boundary drawings; P&ID’s / SLD’s, Block diagrams, Control system topology etc. from Pre-Commissioning.
  • Review of engineering drawings/documents affecting completion activities and procedures.
  • Define MC Packages within each pre-defined Commissioning Package, in line with pressure testing of piping and according to fabrication and installation methodology for other disciplines.
  • Link Tagged Equipment, Cables, Piping-tests etc. to the respective MC-Packages.
  • Allocate standard ITR’s and the responsibility (SITE-code) for the execution of MC- and Preservation-activities to Tag-no’s, Cable-no’s, Piping-test-no’s etc.
  • Report weekly status and follow up discrepancy-reports related to MC-Engineering.

Qualifications Required

  • Minimum 2 years’ experience from EPC processes within Topside and facilities / Renewables Segments.
  • Technical / Bachelor’s degree in Mechancial / Piping Engineering
  • Lack of education can be compensated with relevant work experience
  • Good knowledge of the work processes within the discipline that is being carried out.
  • Skilled in Microsoft Office.
  • Good knowledge of MIPS, PCS (Pims, ProCoSys), Autodesk Simulate.
  • Active and solution-oriented
  • Good communication skills in Norwegian and English, both verbally and written language.

Duration ASAP - 31.01.2026
Location Stord

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Vibeke Monsen Snarberg



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