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Safety Engineer

Assignment Description

The project is modification of an existing onshore LNG plant and has two main parts:

  • Maintaining the plateau production by installing a new Feed Gas Compressor Module
  • Reduce emission by introducing power from shore and installing one Electrode Steam Boiler module to the existing Snøhvit LNG plant
  • Provision of emergency power for the plant

    We are now well into the detail engineering phase. You will be placed within the Technical Safety discipline, but work closely with the Integration & Modification Team and be responsible for the technical safety/HSE parts of FCPs (Field Check Packages) and EWPs (Engineering Work Packages).

    We can offer good opportunities for cooperation with other disciplines in a high complex project with both greenfield and large modification scope.


  • Develop FCPs (Field Check Packages) and EWPs (Engineering Work Packages) regarding technical safety and working environment
  • Preparation of input to modification scope safety drawings (i.e., escape routes and safety equipment layouts, active fire protection drawings, fire detection area plot plans, fire partition drawings)
  • Perform evaluations about fire and explosion loads, area classification etc.
  • Close cooperation with the Integration and modification Team regarding safety design requirement.
  • Participation in Integration and Modification Area Team meetings; be the link between technical safety team and the I&M Team
  • Optimisation of technical issues with respect to technical safety considerations including working environment
  • Site surveys in Melkøya

Qualifications Required

  • Required Education: Bachelor
  • 3-5 years relevant working experience with onshore or offshore modification projects
  • Experience with developing FCPs and EWPs
  • Work experience from Norwegian Sector
  • Work experience in overall technical safety and working environment
  • Detail knowledge of NORSOK working environment requirements (S-002)
  • Detail knowledge of Statoil requirements (TR2237)
  • Ability to work independently and thorough as well as ability to work in team
  • Multidiscipline understanding
  • Good communication skills
  • Have a high loyalty to deadline and quality requirements
  • Be proactive, seeking advice and share own experiences with others
  • Communicate well in English – both oral and in writing
  • Communicate well in Norwegian – both oral and in writing (FCPs & EWPs shall be written in Norwegian)

Duration ASAP-31.12.2025
Location Asker or Haugesund

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Ketil Hanche Mosland

Asker, Haugesund


Norwegian supplier company


Snøhvit Future Project EPCI

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