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Senior Drilling Engineer

Assignment Description

Planning Phase:

  • Actively participate in the Well Construction Preparation as per ETL instruction in order to get all gates  completed from Well design options to Readiness to drill peer reviews.
  • Prepare full casing design with the information provided by subsurface team. Skills in corporate tools: Stresscheck, Wellplan, Wellcat, etc are mandatory.
  • Identify Long Lead Item requirements and ensure those are ordered on time.
  • Prepare well trajectories optimization (directional drilling planning).
  • Prepare Offset wells review document.
  • Prepare Yearly budgets and well AFEs with corporate software Well Cost.
  • Actively participate in DWOP’s and technical workshops and ensure that all data gathered is thoroughly reviewed and action items followed up on.
  • Actively participate in any HAZID, HAZOP and Bow Tie Analysis. Assist with preparation of final documentation. 
  • Ensure all relevant lessons learned from previous projects have been reviewed and any necessary action taken to prevent re-occurrence. 
  • Ensure compliance with Company policies, standards and approved procedures.
  • Prepare Blow Out Emergency Response Plan (BOERP).
  • Ensure all the digital tools are used and properly maintained with high control on data QAQC.
  • Prepare Drilling Program.
  • Prepare P&A Program (if required).
  • Tendering & Contract holder duties: 
  • Review or prepare for any missing service the Scope of Works for all services related to the drilling operations: mud, cement, tubulars, liner hangers, BHA items, packers, etc.
  • Complete technical evaluation.
  • Assist on commercial evaluation.
  • Prepare award recommendation.
  • Act as contract holder:
  • Candidate will be assigned several contracts and candidate will be fully responsible of them.
  • Ensure contract terms are as per the agreed terms during the tender phase.
  • Prepare SAP contract structure in order to improve cost certification efficiency.
  • Issue SAP purchase orders.
  • Ensure QAQC process for both purchase and rental equipment follows Repsol QAQC regulations.
  • Follow up material delivery as per PO terms and conditions

Execution Phase:

  • Assist with the preparation and perform final review of the well Drilling Programme and Detailed Operations Plan. Ensure documents comply with company policy, relevant industry standards and local regulations.  
  • QAQC daily drilling report in Openwells prior to its final distribution.
  • Make sure all data in the DDRs is correct and it is properly captured in corporate reporting tool Spotlight on a daily basis.
  • Ensure all operations are well planned in order to ensure seamless and efficient operations with minimal NPT. 
  • Support DS in all operational issues with engineering calculations, service company’s management, policies & procedures verification etc.
  • Continually encourage the use of safety systems and tools while also monitoring participation / usage (safety cards, TBT, JRA, TOF, weekly walk-around etc).
  • Review Lookahead with DS and make sure material and services from service companies are organized accordingly.
  • Review all Work Instructions prior to execution. 
  • Actively track operational performance against KPI’s through DDR’s and ProNova performance monitoring software. Ensure recommendations for improvements in operational performance are captured and communicated. 
  • Prepare any Management of Change (MoC) documents and risk assessments when required.
  • Prepare any Non-Conformance Report (NCR) when required.
  • Prepare final P&A program (if required).
  • Review the engineering focused After Action Review (AAR) report and apply lessons learnt.
  • Ensure all lessons learned are accurately captured in Openwells for implementation on subsequent projects (continuous improvement). 
  • Logistics:
  • Assist with the load out requirements.
  • Ensure all the load out requirements are guaranteed (service companies management)
  • Assist with the preparation of the well Master Equipment List (MEL) and Cargo Package preparation with corporate Wellit software.
  • Prepare all cargo packages and ensure load out manifests issued through Wellit are accurate.
  • Contract holder:
  • Manage assigned contracts in such a way that contract terms are always met .
  • Ensure all items delivered to the rig are QAQCed.
  • Follow up material delivery from and to contractor’s base in order to minimize the stand by costs.
  • Complete daily cost certification.
  • Perform monthly cost certification recap and release SES accordingly.
  • Work closely with cost controller and ensure service companies are getting paid in due time.

Post Well Phase:

  • Prepare the End of Well Report (EOWR), ensuring that the document is accurate and highly detailed. 
  • Assist with the close out of all outstanding field tickets and invoices. 
  • Participate in all Service Quality Meetings (SQM’s) and provide technical input as required. Ensure service company performance has been accurately recorded and all required Non-Conformance Reports (NCR’s) have been submitted and approved. 
  • Work with logistics team to ensure all leftover materials are accurately documented and stored correctly. 

Qualifications Required

  • Candidate Minimum 8 years of industry experience. 
  • Candidate should have experience working in Jack up subsea operations. 
  • Candidate must have experience of working as a Drilling Engineer.
  • Knowledge and previous experience with the REPSOL Well Construction Process highly advantageous. 
  • Highly focussed on HSE and Process Safety at all times. Must show strong HSE leadership throughout the project life cycle. 
  • Highly focussed on performance and constantly striving to achieve top quartile results.
  • Highly focussed on well costs throughout the planning and execution phases to ensure cost efficiency and reduce wastage. 
  • Makes informed decisions based on thorough analysis and risk assessment. 
  • Strong aptitude for mathematics and problem solving.
  • Ability to devise and execute complex plans. 
  • Highly organised with good data management skills.
  • Team player who is approachable and actively promotes a high level of interaction across multiple disciplines.
  • Good communicator who can communicate with clarity and confidence.
  • Willingness to assist and mentor / coach others to ensure knowledge growth and professional development.
  • Must show a sense of ownership and accountability. 
  • Must lead by example in terms of behaviours.
  • Must behave in a professional manner at all times in order to uphold the reputation of the company.
  • Willingness to consider and review new techniques and technologies which could lead to improved safety and/or operational performance. 

Duration  ASAP -  February 2024
Location Onshore, Stavanger

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