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Senior Maintenance Engineer

The Position

The Senior Maintenance Engineer reports to the Reliability Superintendent and is a lead role in an inclusive and diverse team with a culture that values integrity, respect and collaboration to deliver a positive work experience for every member, every day. The Senior Maintenance Engineer’s team will actively work towards excellence in all aspects of our business to develop a safe, inclusive, and responsible operation that enhances the community and environment in which Albemarle operates. 

The Senior Maintenance Engineer’s team of multidisciplined engineers will provide engineering expertise and support to the maintenance and planning teams to ensure asset integrity, performance and availability is optimised through efficient and timely maintenance strategy execution and a disciplined change management focus.

Key Responsibilities

    • Lead team of multidiscipline maintenance engineers and day to day support to operations activities.
    • Originates and develops analysis information to rapidly repair equipment by studying operating and repair manuals.
    • Acquires failure data and prepares maintenance plans for restoring equipment to operating condition in a minimum amount of time. Prepares general diagrams, charts, drawings and spare parts requirements for maintenance planners as well as makes recommendations for improving the repair cycle.
    • Gathers and examines basic maintainability problem data from field studies or database and merges data into well-defined repair techniques, principles and procedures.
    • Track and support maintenance KPI improvement, support maintenance Opex budget and Capex budget control. Responses to documentation management and repair history record and keeping.
    •  Provide technical support to rebuildable process including repair specification, ITP and overall quality to ensure all rebuildable spares repair to the manufacture specification and relevant engineering standard.
    • Lead and support problem solving on equipment failures and feedback to reliability group for strategy amendments.
    • Responsible for inventory management to check and monitor stocks level including Min/ Max review and cataloguing of new items. 
    • Support Bad actors and RCA process and provide necessary technical support on deflect elimination.
    • Promote operational discipline and high performance in work execution and enhance the technical knowledge of maintenance department team members.
    • Auditing of engineering change management processes.
    • Critical control owner for material risks as and when required by the operation.
    • Manage conflicting priorities while maintaining key stakeholder interests and relationships.
    • Motivate the team to work safely, and respectfully of themselves and others.
    • Identify opportunities to coach and reward individuals to develop an inclusive culture that values and encourages diversity of thought and promotes team over individual.
    • Set expectations, provide feedback and hold people accountable for their actions and responsibilities in meeting those expectations.
    • Facilitate multidisciplinary teams to ensure that problems are identified, mitigated where possible and eliminated long term. 
    • Identify strengths and weaknesses in team members and coach or delegate work appropriately to build capability and achieve outcomes.
    • Identify and remove barriers to ensure business procedures and systems function as designed.
    • Understand, compartmentalise, and communicate complex information to target audience requirements.
    • Coordinate multiple tasks to achieve results.

Work Experience / Technical Skill Requirements

    • 5+ years extensive experience in a similar supervisory role, in addition to a minimum 10 years’ experience in reliability maintenance engineering.

Education / Qualification Requirements

    • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical, Electrical or Process Engineering.
    • Post graduate Certificate or Diploma in Management is highly desirable.
    • Prior people management experience is preferred.

Duration - Permanent

Location - Kemerton, site based. 

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