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MC Engineer - PCS coordinator

Assignment Description

  • Define MC and Preservation requirements based on Completion Strategy, MC-Plan, Preservation Plan, engineering drawings, and supplier's documentation.
  • Create Package Completion Dossiers (PCD) for the supplier.
  • Prepare preliminary Completion schedule and detailed MC, Preservation, and Commissioning requirements.
  • Update technical information in the Completion Management System (CMS).
  • Collaborate with Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Company's Completion organization to determine MC and Preservation scope of work and responsibility.
  • Send PCD to the supplier, including preservation requirements.
  • Establish routines for continuous entry/transfer of technical information into the Project Completion System (PCS).
  • Coordinate with Engineering to ensure timely updates of engineering data in key documents.
  • Provide Commissioning boundary drawings and relevant documentation from Pre-Commissioning.
  • Review engineering drawings/documents impacting completion activities and procedures.
  • Define MC Packages within each Commissioning Package and link associated equipment, cables, piping tests, etc.
  • Allocate standard Inspection and Test Reports (ITRs) and responsibility for MC and Preservation activities.
  • Plan and prepare completion work, including a comprehensive schedule and main deliverables.
  • Weekly reporting of status and follow-up on discrepancy reports related to MC Engineering.

Qualifications Required

  • Thorough understanding of work processes within the relevant discipline.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in EPC processes within Topside and Facilities/Renewables Segments.
  • Proficiency in common IT tools, with expertise in MIPS, Microsoft Office, PCS (Pims, ProCoSys), and Autodesk Simulate.
  • Higher vocational school, Bachelor's, or Master's degree in energy or renewables. Relevant experience can compensate for a lack of formal education.
  • Excellent communication skills in both spoken and written Norwegian and English.
  • Efficient and able to work productively.
  • Proactive in taking initiative and addressing tasks.
  • Strong team player, able to collaborate effectively.
  • Flexible in adapting to changing requirements and priorities.

Duration ASAP-23.05.2025
Location Verdal

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