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Commissioning set-up & system responsible: Process & Utility

Assignment Description

Reporting to Commissioning Lead for the relevant discipline in Hugin A Project.

Part I - Work Instruction and digital set-up:

  • 2023 will be an important year for setting up all Commissioning systems and processes required for execution of Hugin A Project and the Yggdrasil Development. 
  • All Yggrdrasil sub-project shall work uniformly using the same set-up. 
  • This position will focus on updating "Work Instructions" and IT-systems (PIMS CMS and Aize Digital Twin) to provide an easy-to-use digital set-up. 
  • Upon completion of this initial Commissioning preparation scope the plan is to transfer this position to a "System Responsible" position for Hugin A + Field.

Part II - System Responsible for Hugin A + Field:

  • System Responsible for selected Hugin A system + Field. 
  • Hugin A have the Field Commissioning responsibility for the Yggdrasil area development project including IOC, Hugin A, Munin, 9 x subsea templates, export and infield pipelines and Power from Shore.
  • Covering all aspect of the Commissioning work from now and until DG4 Q2 2027.
  • Key activities: PIMS CMS set-up, update and implementation of project specific work instructions, package follow-up, input to planning/manning/budget/risk and detailed preparation and execution of onshore and offshore commissioning phases including temporary systems.

Qualifications Required

  • Extensive Commissioning experience from similar projects is a requirement.
  • We work as OneTeam in an alliance setting, and your contribution to the OneTeam approach is of importance.
  • We will set new Standards and have an ambitious digital agenda in the Hugin A project - your contribution is expected.

Duration 01.07.2023-30.06.2027
Location Oslo, Bærum

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Wenche Ingunn Tindeland

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