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Process & Flow Assurance Engineer

Assignment Description

  • Embrace, adapt and actively contribute to implement the agile, digital and multiskilling transformation of Norske Shell
  • Accountable for ensuring that all deliverables associated with the process & flow assurance discipline meet minimum safety, technical and quality requirements and that risks are managed in a cost-effective way.
  • Accountable for implementation and development of safe and competitive process and flow assurance solutions and ensuring process safety of the systems.
  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships within projects and operations/maintenance leveraging the Shell global engineering support and discipline network to secure and share technical support.
  • Responsible for leveraging best practices and lateral learning through pro-active engagement with industry and Shell’s global engineering communities and discipline managers.
  • Responsible for technical assurance across Norske Shell for the process and flow assurance disciplines in compliance with Shell Technical Assurance Framework.
  • Responsible for process and flow assurance SME support across Norske Shell leveraging inhouse experts, global Shell SMEs and industry experts.
  • Responsible for maintaining an engaged and collaborative Process and Flow assurance community in Norske Shell with focus on learning and coaching with close links to global discipline community and experts.
  • You will also be expected to personally take on engineering integration role(s) within a Value Stream-Natural Teams as needed, in addition to the process and flow assurance duties cited above.
  • Safe and operable production systems that delivers production throughput and availability in line
    with production promises and world class Start-Up-and-Ramp-Up (SURU)
  • Responsible for the functional improvement, effective work processes and transformation
    journey of the process and flow assurance discipline in Norske Shell (process & flow assurance
  • Potentially responsible for engineering integration of up to $150 mln opportunities in Natural
  • Contract holder of process and flow assurance services contracts for Norske Shell.
  • Leader of the Process and Flow Assurance community in Norske Shell.
  • TA2 for Process and/or Flow Assurance discipline

Qualifications Required

  • Curiosity, adaptability, resilience, ownership, collaboration skills and drive for continuous
    learning and improvement (learner mindset).
  • Broad experience in various projects and stages of the projects from across the Globe.
    Experience from R&D is a plus. Must have some experience within field operations.
  • Experienced user of a suite of process and flow assurance tools used by Shell and contractors.
    Proficient in using OLGA, Multiflash, PVTsim, Pipesim.
  • Excellent HSSE, Quality and Commercial mindset and a known ability to communicate well
    internally and externally with staff, contractors and 3rd parties.
  • Substantial experience across the ORS phases from Assess to Operate phase.
  • Good understanding of Shell standards, processes and systems such as ORS, PMF, Technical
    Assurance Framework, HSSE framework, DEPs and DEM1/2, Requirements Management.
  • Possess and leverage effective networks within the discipline organization
  • Leadership capabilities and behaviors in line with Shell’s Leadership Framework and agile
    leadership principles.

Duration 03.07.2023 - 08.07.2024
Location Stavanger

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