Assignment Description

Responsibility prior operation:

  • Part of the team for planning of the offshore phase as tow, installation and operation of the platform such as organization, manning, minimum system to be operating in different phases, HSE, etc.
  • Participate in the preparation and testing of the platform prior tow
  • Participate in establish required documentation for operation of the platform, both temporary and permanent phase

During operation of the platform:

  • Monitoring the coordination of work on the platform during operation. All work and activities must be coordinated so that they can be conducted safely and efficiently
  • Checking that all work performed is approved according to the work permit system and that all related risk analyses have been presented
  • Daily exchange of information between the on-site acting supervisors, the site supervisor and the Client’s project manager
  • Monitoring the trainings conducted and controlling proof as regards to annual instructions
  • Participating in daily SHE meetings in the construction phase
  • Regularly controlling life-saving equipment to ensure its proper condition and completeness
  • Participating in rescue and first aid operations in accordance with the procedures specified in the emergency plans for the platform (the General Contractor’s emergency protection systems)
  • The OIM may also conduct further emergency drills in addition to the regular ones in agreement with the site supervisor during the stay on the offshore platform
  • Supervising all work involving a high hazard potential. The relevant risk analyses and the SHE meetings will specify the supervision method to be used
  • Suggesting measures following accidents or breakdowns
  • Monitoring that the legal provisions as well as the transpower SHE regulations are observed and fully complied with during on-site work
  • Ensuring compliance with safety rules required by law and internal regulations in the offshore area
  • OIM may convene offshore safety meetings (SHE meetings) if applicable
  • Coordination with the project manager, the work safety specialist and the Client’s SHE Officer regarding all SHE relevant processes

Qualifications Required

  • Relevant offshore experience in the field of engineering, supervision and management
  • Marine background or maritime experience
  • Relevant knowledge and experience regarding workplace safety and environmental protection
  • Experience of Energy production platform or HVDC platforms


Duration 01.11.22 - 30.06.25
Location Haugesund
Generell info
01.11.22: 1 person 30% stilling, planlegging & forberedelse, 100% 01.04.2024
01.06.24: 2 personer, starter rotasjonsordning
30.06.25: Handover kunde

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