Operations Planner

Assignment Description

The Operations Planner supports turnaround planning team in development of detailed plans.
 - Support operations planning (blank lists, permitting, isolation plans, cleaning/decommissioning plans.) 
 - Evaluates/Confirms prioritization of work scopes to enable operations readiness for startup
 - Assisting in systemization of areas to drive progressive turnover.
 Planning Accountabilities
 • Work with Operations to identify systems
 • Update worklist to identify systems for each Job Package
 • With Operations, develop:
 o Shutdown & De-inventory plans
 o Chemical Cleaning Plans & RFQ packages
 o Decommissioning Procurement & Rental Plans (nitrogen, hoses, cooling towers, steam jumpers, etc.)
 o Decommissioning Schedule
 o Commissioning & Start-up Schedule
 o Utilities Plans
 • Co-Lead Permitting Workshops and develop a Permitting plan
 • Liaise with Operations to develop/verify Job Package Blinding plans
 • Assist operations to develop Unit/System Blinding plans
 • Work with Completions team to develop Systems Completions & Turnover packages
 • Work With operations to develop/verify Startup Procedures
 • Assist operations in developing Commissioning & Startup Schedules
 • Participate in Schedule & SIMOPs reviews
 Execution Accountabilities
 • Assist in schedule Updates for Decommissioning
 • Serve as the Decommissioning Contract Holder (Chemical Clean)
 o Track all chemical cleaning timelines
 o Ensure all chemical cleaning and RSR equipment is demobilized as soon as possible
 • Ensure Permit request process is functioning properly
 • Liaise with operations regarding AWR request from operators (wish List)
 • Work with AWR manager to verify AWR are turnaround required
 • Participate in daily Completions Meetings
 • Participate in completions & PSSR walkdowns 
 • Schedule updates for Completions, Commissioning & Startup
 Closeout Accountabilities
 • Ensure all documentation regarding Decommissioning, Commissioning & Startup are forwarded to Document Control for Archive
 • Make sure contract notes during Chemical Cleaning are added to the Job File and Archived
 • Update all procedures (Decommissioning Plans, Start-Up Plans, Blank Lists) based on TA Lessons Learned
 Key Capabilities
 • Operate site units in a safe and reliable manner during plant shutdown, purging, safing and startup activities
 • Facilitate the identification, development and review of the processes and controls to ensure that all operations-based activities (shutdown, purging, isolation, safing and startup) are conducted in a safe manner
 • Skills to effectively utilize system programs to identify and prioritize plant equipment repairs 
 • Develop and execute staff resourcing plan that supports TA activity
 • Support technical bid evaluation processes to select the most competent decontamination contractor 
 • Develop and manage an optimized shutdown/startup schedule 
 • Subject matter expertise in process safety transition activities including the PSSR process


Possible extension through October 28, 2023. M-F 7:00AM to 5:30PM with a planned 30 minute lunch. Note that 50 hours may not be required the entirety of the planning phase. 


Lima, OH

Also open to non-local candidates, the per diem will be $151 per day.

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Jodie Greeley

Lima, OH

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17 aug 2022