C&I Engineer

Assignment Description

 For all Instrument Equipment and Installations,
• conduct design reviews and approve in accordance with the project quality plan the
Instrument specifications, data sheets, studies & calculation sheets, instrument loop
diagrams, equipment room layouts, 3d reviews, elementary & connection diagrams, cable
routing, power system, telecommunication system, material requisitions for instrument
equipment and bulk material and alike.
• Ensure that the local Tie-ins and As Built documentation are reviewed correctly and correctly taken into the design.
• Is responsible for the Document Distribution Matrix for the respective discipline area.
• approve the material requisition for budget bid inquiry and pass to Engineering Manager for final approval
• perform a detailed quality check of the Instrument Work package before budget bid inquiry, if applicable.
• review technical bid evaluations and approve accordingly
• for any defined long lead items follow up of the supply and Vendors’ drawing check in
accordance with the project quality plan and carry out vendors’ visits for inspection purposes
• for any defined long lead items participate actively in Vendor contract negotiations, Kick-off meetings, and visits to expedite information etc.
• Supports the exercise to define the spare parts, for 2 years commissioning and Start-up and for capital spares; ensure these are in the estimate
• Contribute as a team member, and liaise with other disciplines and the Engineering Contractor as necessary for IDC checks etc., to minimize costs and efficiently co-ordinate planned work scopes.
• follow up closely the engineering and procurement schedules ensuring the activities for the discipline are completed in a timely manner.
• attend internal progress meetings and meetings as required with the Contractor.
• Review and approve all instrument changes after “Approved for Design” level is reached.
• Participate actively in the Contractors planning and monitor overall progress and performance by frontline activities identifying any areas of concern and implementation or instigation of appropriate remedial actions
• Actively participate in audits of both the Contractor and Vendors.
• Gives input to the Engineering Manager to keep track of the process defects, non-conformities etc., as stated in the Contract with the Engineering Contractor.

Qualifications Required

• Master degree in Electrical Engineering (or equivalent)
• Minimum 10 years of working experience
• High degree of computer literacy.
• Vast knowledge of the discipline
• Trained in Project Management
• Knowledge of International directives on his disciplines
• Previous knowledge of Instrument installations
• Technical experience, preferably in a maintenance or Project environment
working with Contactors.
• Comprehensive Onshore Construction and investment project Experience
• Woking experience in multicultural environment
• Experience of heavy industrial, semiconductor, chemical or pharmaceutic plants
is important

• Proven ability to work as an effective team player
• Self motivated with ability to supervise and motivate small team
• Willingness to travel
• High ethical standards
• Commercial understandings
• Good communication skills
• Cultural awareness

Duration 22.09.2022 - 31.08.2027

Location Stavanger and Sauda. 
Business trips to France must be expected

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