Piping Engineer Pipe Support Fab Drawings

Assignment Description:

  • Design verification for for production of Pipe Support fabrication drawings.
  • Design and produce Fabrication Drawings of Pipe Support. For critical lines, the location of the Pipe Support is based on stress ISOs. 
  • For not critical lines, the location is according to Pipe Support General Requirements.
  • Design must satisfy the general requirements and based on the current support standard.
  • Check that Construction Friendly Design is taken care of in the 3D-model, 02-W-EMZ003E.
  • Quality and punctuality of own deliveries based on plans and procedures/routines established in the project.
  • As-built updating of 3D-model and drawings if applicable.
  • Contribute to the improvement of procedures and routine in pipe support group.
  • Verify interface against all disciplines.
  • Contribute with Continual improvements work.

Interfaces and coordination:

- Towards IT/IS, PDMS and MIPS. 
- Towards other groups in own discipline. (Testing, Work Package and Pipesupport) 
- Towards others disciplines (Method, EIT, Mechanical, Structure, Civil, HVAC, Surface protection and Insulation

Qualifications Required:

  • Bachelor degree, technical college or relevant construction experience with good knowledge of design and production of pipe support fabrication drawings.
  • Mastering the 3D CAD tools and has a generally good knowledge of basic computing.
  • Good knowledge of MIPS
  • Have experience in the construction phase as Field Engineer.
  • Active and solution oriented.
  • Training for E3D user will be given
  • IT: E3D/PDMS

Duration: Asap - 31.12.2023

Location: Stord 
Work Schedule at Stord 5-2 (37,5 hours week) (no rotation)

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