Senior Information Security Professional

Assignment Description:
As part of the Clients digitalization journey we'll be revamping most areas of the corporate computer networks. This assignment is multi-tiered and will traverse several network technologies.
- The candidate will assist the project in high level design, detailed design of various aspects of the corporate network.
- In addition, support for stakeholder management to get consensus on various network design, and work approach will be needed.
- The candidate will also assist in implementing security solutions across the Zero Trust Architecture dimensions network, client, application workloads, IAM. - Most of the effort will be based around the network projects.

Qualifications Required:
- Experience with Information Security and associated technologies are a needed skill of the candidate as we will be working with implementing Zero Trust Architecture solutions.
- There is a need for a candidate which understands networking technologies, preferably MPLS, carrier networks, the TCP/IP stack.
- Additionally preferably have experience and exposure to building and management of corporate networks and datacenter networks.
- OT technology experience is a plus.
- The desired candidate for this role has skills between technical and functional and is able to drive decision processes toward consensus on design and delivery strategy with excellent stakeholder management skills.

Duration: ASAP - 31.12.2022
Location: Stavanger

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23 nov 2021