Assignment Description:

- QC and cleanup data prior to data loading
- Load data in a consistent manner following established principles
- Load data to be application ready
- Cleanup/correct existing data as required. Create/modify scripts to support the job. Archive as required.
- Ensure sufficient disk space is available
- Support business to maintain access control over the data
- Facilitate data exchange to/from systems, partners, Government and vendors.
- Monitor that data management principles are followed
- Contribute to approved projects

Qualifications Required:
- 5-10 years of relevant experience
- Need in depth knowledge to Petrel and Studio which are the main tools for data loading.
- Also needs ability to coordinate QC and consolidation of Subsurface data coming from multiple mergers.
- Basic Geology/Geophysics knowledge
- Good knowledge to seismic data
- Relevant knowledge to interpretation systems used by the Company
- Good scriping skills
- Good database knowledge
- Structured
- Good communication skills
- Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills
- Able to work independently
- Speak fluent Norwegian
- Speak fluent English

Duration: 04.01.2021 - 30.06.2021

Location: Sandnes